An Introduction to Running Lean – Using the Scientific Method to Build A Better Business

I am a scientist by training. In college I spent my time in the psychology lab teaching rats to press levers and studying how humans learning new skills.  I never expected that I’d come to apply those same scientific principles to my own business development.

Me and my team at a recent Start-Up Weekend. (Photo: David)
My team at a recent Start-Up Weekend. (Photo: David)

Freelancing Failures

In my first year of freelancing I tried to appeal to everybody. I was a personal trainer, project manager, facilitator and efficiency expert. As a result of this broad-spectrum approach, I didn’t make significant differences for my clients and struggled to get by financially.

Flash forward four years: I’m just back from a two-week trip to Argentina during which I gave 40+ lessons to children with special needs, consulted with families, taught a seminar, and managed to reserve two day just for my practice of Argentine tango. I earned enough in this two weeks to pay for the trip and a month’s worth of expenses, and will spend the rest of the month dividing my time between practicing my Spanish, training in gymnastics, and applying Lean Start-Up methodologies to families affected by autism around the world.