Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas shares his Mistakes and Motivation

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This interview is a fast-paced conversation with the host of the award-winning podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. I haven’t had a lot of my interviews with famous entrepreneur, but I wanted to bring John Lee Dumas on not just because he’s a successful businessman, but because he’s a successful teacher. Over the last three years of hosting a 7-day-a-week podcast John has taught thousands of aspiring entrepreneur and enabled others like him to find, pursue and monetize their passion.

John is boisterous and energetic, as you’ll see. He relates how he found this authentic voice over repeated adjustments over the first 400 episodes of his podcast. Take a listen to the difference between his 11th podcast episode and his 1011th episode:

John and I dive into some of his biggest mistakes as he built Entrepreneur on Fire, which now generates more than two hundred thousands dollars each month in revenue. One of the first podcasts that inspired Entrepreneur on Fire was Mixergy by Andrew Warner. These days John conducts similar interviews with business owners every day.

John Lee Dumas shares the five people he is most influenced by:

His books:

And a few of his recent projects:

I hope you also enjoy this interview with the founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas.

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