The Autism Show Podcast by Catherine Pascuas

Autism is a topic near and dear to my heart. Though I haven’t discussed on the podcast to date, for many years I ran Move Autism, a consulting company working with children with autism and their families around the world.

In November 2014, I was interviewed by the host of the Autism Show podcast Catherine Pascuas (@edcautism). Here, we turn the tables and discuss Catherine’s podcast The Autism Show, her origin story, and more.

Catherine began her own study of autism at 19, when she began volunteering to assist her cousin who had been recently diagnosed. Interestingly, this is similar to how I began my work with children: by answering the requests of parents who saw value in my service.

In the years since, Catherine has trained as a clinician in the most common form of therapy Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), worked in a neurology lab, and now hosts a weekly podcast where she interviews experts, practitioners, and people with autism. Among many others, we discuss Catherine’s interview with the noted Temple Grandin.

Catherine has just launched a Kickstarter to fund a book in which she shares the stories and tools she’s learned in a year of interviewing people with autism, professionals, and families for her podcast.

In recent years diagnosis rates have risen dramatically. Increasingly, everyone knows someone affected by autism. Quite apart of how much I learned working with individual children and teaching workshops, autism is lens through which I have come to better understand the learning process, empathy, and principles like “joining.” Whether you know someone with autism, or are just interested in how all of us function, enjoy this interview with host of The Autism Show Catherine Pascuas.

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