Teresa Gonczy: Why Kids Are The Future, Running Brick-and-Mortar Businesses, and More


Every couple days I receive a text message containing details about my wife’s unborn child. Now to be clear: I don’t have a wife and she isn’t pregnant. But I do subscribe to the free service Text4Baby, and get simple things to do each day that one might to support the longterm health of a young child.

Now, why is this relevant? Apart from being a great way to end a first date – “Oh look! I should tell my wife to eat more spinach because she might be craving leafy greens” – I do this because I’m fascinated by early childhood development, and the little things we can do to ensure that each person reaches his or her potential.

Joining me today, I have the woman responsible for telling me about Text4Baby, and fellow early-childhood educator Teresa Gonczy (@teresaeg).


Teresa has bought and sold several businesses, and is now pursing a degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  In this interview, we discuss the importance of early childhood education, and the remarkably simple things that can be done to improve a child entire life, but also discuss the several business Teresa has bought and sold, the BIL conference which she has helped to run, and what she does differently that has allowed her to be both an unusual entrepreneur, an academic, a community organizer, and an educator. Both within the different themes, and by looking at how Teresa has managed to balance them, there is a lot here with Teresa Gonczy.

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