Steve Scott: Authority on Publishing, Writing 60+ Books, and More


My guest today, Steve Scott (@stevescott1), is an authority on self-publishing. Steve is an extraordinarily prolific writer, author, and Internet entrepreneur.

Steve has published 60+ books on Amazon, several of which made the difference for me to publish my first book start writing and publishing. I first learned about Steve Scott from an interview he did on the James Altucher podcast in 2014, and have Steve to thank for the publication of my own first book “How to Do a Handstand,” which went on to be a National Bestseller in Japan.

All of Steve’s work – and much of our interview – is extremely tactical, walking the reader through all of the specific steps towards accomplishing a single objective. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing your own book, I encourage you to buy his a book “How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 21 Days.”

In this interview, Steve and I discuss how he built the habit of writing every day, and his start in what he calls “Internet entrepreneurship.” We discuss the evolution of style and themes of his books since he began publishing in 2011. For thoughts on writing I hope you enjoy this interview with author and self-publishing authority Steve Scott.


The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk
On Writing by Steve King
61 Ways to Sell More Non-Fiction Kindle Books by Steve Scott
Your First $1000 by Steve Scott

Podcast Notes

2:30 – Who is Steve Scott?
3:30 – Robin’s first book “How to Do a Handstand
5:30 – “This internet business thing”
6:00 – Self-publishing since 2012
7:00 – Break down the steps to self-publishing
7:30 – Limiting beliefs
9:00 – Find one particular market
11:00 – Steve’s two niches – Internet Business & Habits
11:30 – Steve Scott on Amazon
15:30 – Leo Babauta of Zen Habits
16:30 – How Amazon self-publishing has changed since 2012
21:30 – How to serve the reader
27:00 – How Steve collaborates with other writers
30:00 – Authority Self-Publishing podcast
31:30 – How to adapt to rapid change
32:00 – Is email a thing of the past?
34:00 – The ethics of selling
41:00 – Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income
42:00 – Balancing personal vs. professional lives

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