IDEAS X Lab: Cultivating Innovation between Civic, Business and the Arts

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Today I’m excited to bring you a four-way interview with members of IDEAS x Lab (@ideasxlab),  a company bringing together artists and corporations to cultivate a more creative, productive workforce.

If you’ve listened to prior episodes, then you probably know that this podcast is about improving performance and changing how we work. I interview artists, educators and strategies from a variety of backgrounds. Today is no exception…

By training artists how to integrate their vast skill-sets into the structure of the business world, IDEAS x Lab is fundamentally changing how society values creativity.

In my interview, I talk with co-Founders, Theo and Josh, as well as Special Projects Curator, Ayelet. We discuss IDEASxlab on its role in integrating the arts into civic organizations, and teaching creative process. If any of that sounds confusing – don’t worry – we go into specific detail about how any creative can use their skills in new and novel ways.

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Show Notes:

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