How to Learn From Entrepreneurial Manic Depression (And How To Avoid It)

I chose the header of this blog for a very specific reason. The up and down arrows are a reminder to me that learning anything has ups and downs. Last week I wanted to punch things and felt like sleeping all day to avoid reality, but had to get out of bed, answer emails, issue refunds, and make sure I wasn’t sued. Within the course of 3 days, the project that I have put 80 hour weeks into for the last 4 months folded, I and two friends lost $60,000 in business, and I was threatened with a lawsuit over the publication of an e-book. Rough and cause for a step-back.

So, what do you do when life knocks you down? For a start, watch this video…

A couple of things I’ve learned already from last week’s dip:

Build the Habit of Self-Care

I cannot emphasize self-care too much. For the last four months I’ve exercised 6 days each week. I always eat (at least) 3 meals every day. These two components made getting through the more difficult moments last week possible. I build habits that reinforce taking care of myself because they feel good on a day-to-day basis, but I am really, really grateful for them when the going gets rough. Last week there was never a doubt when I would exercise or what I would eat for breakfast. Similarly, I find mediation (or my preference: gratitude training) works best though daily practice.

Read Daily Rituals. Pick your favorites, apply, and create your very own self-care routines. Cultivating regular patterns is a great way to stabilize when things get rough.

Good People To Ask For Help

I’ve talked about community, but in this case specifically cultivating people who, when you shout fire, don’t break down in hysterics but calmly ask “where’s the  extinguisher.” Find good people to help you when you need it.

Loving questions are magnificent when you’re feeling really down and, ironically, that is exactly the time during which most people are least equipped to ask for them. So again, plan ahead…

What’s Next?

I have a lot of practice bouncing back. As I write this I’m riding a post-ballet high, enjoying a spot of Hawaiian run, and planning my the rest of my week. The world hasn’t ended, even if it felt like that for some number of hours last week.

In the mean time, pura vida! Get back on the horse and get excited for what’s coming next!

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