Get Flexible Without Stretching (Limited Spots Available!)

In February 2013, on a whim, I built a program for 10 close friends on how to learn the splits without any stretching. Sounds impossible, right? I promise it is not. Building flexibility without stretching is a part of what I do in my personal training and together I and my group of friends turned my in-person instruction into a digital study-course.

See the original program offer here. (Please note, this offer has expired.)


The idea that stretching is outdated isn’t new but has generated more momentum recently in mainstream media. Skim this article in the New York Times on the potential damage caused by static stretching before working out.

The course lasted for 30 days and included more than 45 custom-recorded lessons in which I taught my participants how to train in such a way that they discovered dramatically increased flexibility, without the potential damaging effects of too much stretching!

Now I’m making this program even better…

Feedback from my original students

-I definitely noticed that my pelvic and hip joints were more mobile! -June

-I feel that it eases me into my workouts. I’ve never really taken time to warm up before. -Kim

-I have noticed more flexibility in other stretches I do (e.g. side stretches) as well as a better awareness of my posture. -Irina

-I have enjoyed the exercises enormously. -Marco

In the months since I have revisited and rebuilt this program, running one participant through the course at a time and monitor his or her progress. Some people show more progress towards improve their splits than others, but everyone experienced changes.

What Changed?

-The lessons are very relaxing and an enjoyable way to connect to what is happening in my body (especially the pelvis!). -Rowan

-It’s been easier to do the stretches and I’ve been using some of them as warm ups to physical activities. -Kim

-Daily lessons have made me actually take the time to improve my flexibility, which I’ve been wanting to do but hadn’t previously ingrained it in my schedule. -Irina

-I feel much looser and more connected immediately after doing my lesson -Rowan

Of particular interest to me, many of my students experienced changes quite apart from increased flexibility. From pain relief to less fear of challenging movements many of the students experienced some pretty neat additional outcomes:

Other Changes They Observed

-Training parkour has been less fearful/hesitant in the last few weeks -Rowan

-The aching in my lower back seems to be abating. -Marco

Now What?

I plan on creating a DVD series of this flexibility programs for gyms, fitness facilities, and personal trainers around the country. Based on what else is out there that final program will run somewhere between $70-130 per course.

When that comes out I’ll be letting everyone know! In the mean time I am going to run just 50 participants through my program to further refine it.  In addition, everyone who participates this round will get a free phone consult with me. As a personal trainer I normally charge $90 for a phone consult.

Interested? Submit your application here.

Custom Program for Students to Increase Flexibility

What It Is: After you are accepted into the program, I have you fill out an initial evaluation of your current flexibility, so that we can measure progress. Then you’ll receive daily emails with a movement lesson and exercise for you to do. You can do the lessons anywhere, on any device. Plus, the lessons are yours to keep!

Each week: Every day you’ll do a 10-30 minute movement lesson which will explore mobility in a different, related part of your body. Periodically we’ll have extra challenges if you are feeling particularly ambitious!

Who: With flexibility, everyone has to start where they are. I have worked with professional circus contortionist, inflexible runners, and elderly. It doesn’t matter where you start. Since we measure against your own personal best, we’ll just start where you are and go from there.

Cost: To be one of my 50 new students all I ask is $19 per person for the entire month-long program. Help me rebuild my flexibility program while at the same time discovering how to get flexible without any stretching!

No commitment required (yet). Just submit your email and we’ll be in touch.

You are looking at a course that will be sold for at least $80.00. Additionally, I’m giving a free phone consult that people pay me $90.00 for. That’s $170.00.

I understand that this $19.00 course isn’t for everyone. Most people are actually more motivated by something they have to spend a great deal more money on!

But if you’re interested I want to work with you. So, at the end of the program if you aren’t satisfied with the outcomes you’ve experienced I’ll refund your $19.00 and an addition $10.00! On my honor!

Do the course, get a free consult and keep the course and get $29.00 back if you aren’t  completely satisfied!

Curious but Uncertain?

If you have questions, you can reach me personally at (415) 938-6683. Help me build an even better program and help people get flexible. I look forward to working with you!

Submit your information and we’ll get right back to you!

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