Founding Google’s Dance Program with Anna Botelho

Anna Botelho Head Shot for NYC

Today’s guest, Anna Botelho, founded Google’s Dance Program, and told her story at the 2015 Design for Dance conference. She will be speaking at the 2016 conference on April 28-29, 2016. But before we dive into her introduction I want to share a special opportunity. Tickets are now on sale for the 2016 Design for Dance conference. And today only tickets are 50% OFF.  Join us for 2 days in April to learn from and collaborate with our amazing presenters.

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Now, onwards with the show… Anna Botelho was a keynote at the 2015 Design for Dance conference and founded Google’s Dance Program. She is now in the middle of building out Google’s entire Arts Program. I think you’ll enjoy this interview.

If you are new to the Show, this podcast explores the intersection of dance, behavior, and how we can build more responsive organizations. I interview PhD neuroscientists, Stanford University researchers, and professional dancers on how to facilitate collaboration and achieve rapid growth.

In addition to Founding Dance at Google and her Google day job managing employee wellness, Anna is in the process of building out Google’s entire arts program. This includes visual and performing arts for Googlers as well as scientific research on the benefits of the arts within the workplace.

We explore Anna’s background and discuss how her upbringing and introduction to dance led her to build dance studios on the Google campus. But we also explore what it means to be creative, and how today’s most innovative companies provide environments in which employees can flourish.

If you are a CEO looking to improve your employee wellness or a dancer trying to sell into corporations, there’s a ton here with the Founder of Google’s Dance Program, Anna Botelho.

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