Everything There Is To Know About Autism, On 1-Page!? (Plus: A Competition)

I’m a fan of the author Tim Ferriss. He published a recent book called the The 4-Hour Chef, which teaches his theme of skill hacking through the medium of cooking. I’ve never looked for outside help with cooking – in college my quiches received rave reviews and my sister teaches cooking professionally at hip cooks – but I love Tim’s story-telling, flair for the dramatic, and most of all his simple, practical ideas.

One of the tools I’ve implemented since reading The 4-Hour Chef is Tim’s “prescriptive 1-pager.” The prescriptive 1-pager is essentially a next-steps reminder for the things we want to learn or implement within a given area. For example, I’m currently studying tango:

Tango Prescriptive 1-Pager by Robin Peter Zander

I like lists. Not just for the grocery store but also of the tools and skills I need in order to master some large goal. Recently, I do lists differently. The above picture is the Tango prescriptive 1-pager I wrote up for myself upon my return from an autism outreach in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This page doesn’t cover everything there is to know about tango. It isn’t meant to. What it does is serve as a quick reminder for all of my current areas of focus. I  glance at this page before a night of dancing and choose 1-3 areas that I am going to focus on for the evening.

I began just with tango but have since written down-and-dirty 1-pagers for all maner of other things in my life. I have several for different aspects of my work with children with autism and their families. Every day that I see clients I review my current areas of focus and choose those most relevant to that family.

So this brings us to the next step: What’s your 1-pager for autism? What are the most important areas you are working on with your child? Pinpoint specific, measurable goals for yourself and your child. That way you can review the page and immediately begin taking steps towards those goals.

The competition:

Write up your own 1-pager for autism. What are the things you are working on with your child? For yourself? I’ll be selecting the best 2 prescriptive 1-pagers (as determined by clearest areas of focus, most details per area, and most actionable).

  1. Winner #2 will receive two books that I think are among the most useful for helping children with autism.
  2. Winner #1 will get a free 30-minute telephone consult with me!

Email your 1-pagers to robin [at] move autism [.] com.

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