Ella Saltmarshe Interviews Robin Zander about Daily Habits, Intuition and Being “Plural”


“Intuition is a learned skill that can start with the body.” – Robin Zander

In this episode Ella Saltmarshe hijacks the Robin Zander Show and interviews me. If you missed it, in a previous episode of the Show Ella was my guest and we discussed learning and how Ella manages multiple careers. Here, Ella has turned the tables and asks me questions about what it means to learn things deeply, use fear as a compass, and record what we learn.

Some practical tools we discuss:

I share some of my daily patterns, including the one thing I’ve done every night before going to bed for more than 10 years. Ella asks about how I keep track of my progress and course correct in a number of different areas of my life. We discuss years of training with Anat Baniel, and I what I learned about learning from that early training. If you’re curious to know more, I have a few audio lessons on SoundCloud.

Ella and I discuss the value of structure and how a structured life can leave room for key focuses. I share my current thinking on competition versus cooperation and two books I’ve read recently that capture these ideas:

Enjoy this interview on learning, knowledge and developing intuition of me by Ella Saltmarshe.

You can find this episode anywhere you find podcasts, including iTunesStitcher, and SoundCloud.

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